About MME

About the Multicultural Media Exchange

We are proud of what the Multicultural Media Exchange achieved since it began in 2009.  Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, including MME.  Funding has become more difficult for many small not for profit groups in recent times, MME among them.  We feel it's wiser to quit rather than spend all our energy in fundraising, in the hope that another day we will again be able to help tell important stories from multicultural Australia. 

While we are sad about closing, we are deeply grateful to those who have worked with MME and those young people who participated in our programs.  It was a privilege to have met you and shared a small part of your lives and we wish you well for the future.

The website will stay, we hope that someone with a similar need might like to adopt it and contine its good work.  

MME was a groundbreaking project that linked people from refugee and migrant communities with media professionals, helping each to understand the other.  Communities benefited by gaining media skills and media professionals were given a rare window into the lives of people in refugee and migrant communities.  

Talking about MME from Multicultural Media Exchange on Vimeo.

If you are a media professional who would like to contribute to the project as a trainer or a volunteer or you are from a community that is looking to improve its media skills, we’d love to hear from you. (link to pitch an idea).

What we do

  • We provide young people from diverse backgrounds - and their communities - with the skills to speak out
  • We promote cultural awareness among journalists and other media workers, encouraging fairness and respect in the media for new and emerging communities
  • We increase public awareness of multicultural communities and promote cross-cultural understanding

Why we do it

  • We aim to give all Australians a window into our multicultural society
  • We encourage diversity in the mainstream media and strengthen the multicultural media through engagement and professional development
  • We develop the communication and leadership skills necessary for our young people to become community champions

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